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      Uniforms and embroidery

      MTC Dubai provides embroidery and uniforms made in Dubai - UAE. 

      is the application of thread stitched on to replicate your artwork or logo onto your garment.
      Embroidery is used commonly on Polos, Jackets, Business Shirts, Hats and Caps. Thread washes well, can be ironed and retains its colour very well after many washes. Garments are loaded onto frames, which slot into our commercial machines and the machines are programmed with your "digitised" artwork by our trained Embroidery staff in dubai and the thread colours loaded. 

      NO MINIMUM ORDER for readymade T-shirts or Polo embroidery.

      NO Logo Setup charge for above 20 pc minimum quantity
      A standard logo is generally 1 to 2 lines of text and a symbol, much like our logo on our website, also please see the embroidery gallery below for examples of standard logos.
      A standard logo is applied generally left hand chest of garments, or centre of caps.

      Proofs are issued within 1/2 working days of placing your order via email.

      Additional set up fees may apply for additional required colours and or logos that are larger than a standard sizing or sizing described above. 

      Orders with Embroidery, Screen Print or Heat Press Application will take 7/8 days  depending on our workloads in production. 

      To add your logo or text to any of The Gift suppliers for uae quality garments when ordering online, simply upload your logo image in JPG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF format, via the UPLOAD YOUR LOGO HERE Tab which floats over the website to your right hand side. Or you can email it through to us by replying to your order confirmation email with your file/s attached.  For text only, note the text needed in your order comments.

      If you are unsure of your Embroidery requirements or the cost, or if you are wanting large embroidery added (back centre shoulders, or a round/infilled patch style logo) please Contact Us and we will quote on your requirements or discuss with you your decoration options.

      Gifts suppliers for uae - UNIFORM SUPPLIERS IN UAE

      We provide workwear for various industrys and uniforms

      Hotel staff Uniforms

      Restaurant staff uniforms

      Custom tailored business wear 

      Hospital uniforms