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      We deliver high end Quality Polyester lanyards which could be easy for screen printing and heat transfer. There are various categories of options available for the customer to select from. We provide option in 15mm and 20 mm width. You find each model with a variety of colors. We get into the depth of customers needs and thus provide customized lanyards as per your requirement. We give primarily focus on delivery depending on the order given. Another key factor in this flat polyester lanyard is that it is fitted with a snap swivel hook which makes it much easier to attach the card holder. Frequent usage of this lanyard is in seminars, conferences and even for college students to hold their ID cards with them. You have no worry of loosing this since it has a stainless steel hook that carries the ID card. The category of 20 mm polyester lanyard comes up with a specification of heavy duty swivel clip fitted which is perfect when one need a more sturdy attachment to clip onto the possession.

      Option with Customized lanyards

      We also help the customer to customize the lanyard according the design provided which can be imprinted onto your choice of colored lanyards. Mustang Advertising understands the customer’s needs and offers numerous options in category to personalize the lanyards according to the customer's individual requirement. We provide custom made lanyards to the individual to hold ID cards in creative style and also to make your visitors pass exclusive. We supply various options of products which includes cell phone lanyard, neck lanyard, tubular lanyard, pet lanyard, printed lanyard, and lanyard with ID holder, woven opener lanyard, promotional lanyard, etc.

      Mustang Trading LLC is known as being the best supplier lanyards in UAE | Middle East and Africa for the following reasons.

      Price beat Guarantee 
      We will beat any official quote from any supplier in U.A.E, Middle East and Africa for production within 2- 03 days. We also accept urgent last minute rush orders.

      Free graphic design services
      if you don’t have design knowledge NO PROBLEM we will create artwork for printing on your lanyard.

      In house production

      We have in house production and a professional team from Mustang who can cater to the above mentioned lanyards. Just give us a call and we would be delighted to serve you.