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      Everyone in this world has to pass through some stress at passing stage of our life. What we do when we get stressed? Mustang advertising the largest gift suppliers for UAE introducing Anti Stress ball/cube that can relieve you from stress.

      How it works?

      When you tighten your fist around a stress ball, the muscles in your hand and wrist tighten up. When you release the ball, the muscles relax which can release tension and stress. The size of a stress ball makes it ideal to use at your desk or in your cubicle after a stressful phone call or meeting.

      This also can work as an branding tool when your brand logo imprinted professionally on it through our mastered screen printing method.

      Mustang Trading LLC is known as being the best supplier for Promotional gift in UAE | Middle East and Africa for the following reasons.

      Price beat Guarantee 

            We will beat any official quote from any supplier in U.A.E, Middle East and Africa for production within 3- 04 days. We also accept urgent last minute rush orders.

      In-house printing on Anti-Stress Ball

      Full color UV Printing is available

      Free graphic design services

      If you don’t have design knowledge NO PROBLEM we will create artwork for printing on your Anti-Stress Ball

      Call us to get additional information on the options and colors available to suit your requirement for your company details being imprinted on it.