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      Laser Engraving

      Are you looking for the best laser engraving company in dubai - UAE? THIS IS IT!

      Mustang trading llc the leading gift supplier in uae has inhouse state of the art laser engraving machines used to make awards | plaques | indoor signages | personal gifts | corporate gifts | promotional gifts 

      What is Laser Engraving ?

      Laser Engraving (or Laser Etching) is a surface technology. The laser interacts with different types of material in different ways:
      For Organic Materials such as Wood the laser burns the surface of the material, almost like a very accurate branding iron. The depth can be varied and 3D effects can be created.
      For Polymers such as Acrylic the laser vapourises part of the surface, changing its appearance. 3D effects can be created, but not as successfully as with Organic Materials.
      For Metals the normal method of marking is to use a YaG laser to alter the structure of the material surface. Coated metals are different – for example with painted brass 
      we remove the paint, with anodised aluminium we change the colour of the anodised surface.
      For Natural Materials such as Granite and Stone the laser actually causes tiny fractures in the surface, and this results in a textural and contrast difference with the surrounding material. We can only do 2D engraving with these materials.

      Mustang Trading llc the best Giftsuppliers4uae use the latest Industrial High tech laser engraving system for production in dubai from Universal Laser Systems