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      Glow sticks

      Gift suppliers Products

      Glow sticks dubai - uae

      Glow Stick 6 Inch ready stock available in the leading party suppliers dubai at Gift suppliers for uae - mtc dubai

      These are bright, long lasting and come with lanyards (strings) for making glow necklaces and pendants.

      Perfect for fundraising, the ?6" glow sticks are 'bulk packaged' so you won't end up with additional waste after your event.

      If you are wanting to use the products for shop sale, or require a long shelf life, we recommend our 6" Glow sticks w/Lanyard (Individually Wrapped) which are individually packaged in foil bags.

      Colour Options:

      Assorted Contains 10 of each: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red. It does not contain Purple / Pink.

      Each individual colour option contains 50 of the colour selected. Purple, Pink and White are also options for the individual colours.

      Size: 150mm Long, 15mm diameter

      Packaging: 50pcs/Box, includes 50 lanyards per box.

      Glow Duration: 3-6 Hours at High Intensity, 12+ hours at low intensity.

      Safety: Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable

      Shelf-Life: 12-18 months from the time of purchase.

      Glow sticks With Decals Glowsticks with logo printing

      Imagine your brand, logo, name or event on a glowstick, now you can do this with the customised decal glowsticks! These glowsticks come complete with a black colour transparent surround decal applied which is shown off brilliantly by the bright glowstick shining around it. All colour glowsticks can be used in conjunction with this decal.

      How to order? - Simply Call / email us and we will provide all oprtions

      Key Details for Logo Printing on glow sticks.?

      - Orders must be placed 1 weeks prior for above 1000 quantity of glow sticks for printing in dubai

      - No Minimum Order Quantity if logo s printed using transparent sticker

      - The max size of the decal is 11cm by 1.5cm, and it comfortably fits 3 words at a readable size for these measurements.?

      - Due to the work involved, at least 50% payment is requested upfront and returns are not available on this product.?

      - Please send your details of what you would like on your customised decal glow sticks through to cs1@mustangllc.ae

      Other Glow in dark products supplied in dubai - uae are Glow jewelery | Glow party items | Glow pen | Glow paint |Glow stickers | Glow Magnets
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      How to Order

      To Order Online 1. Select product + color + quantity 2. Choose printing option 3. Attach your logo / text for printing 4. Add to cart and checkout 5. Make payment online or choose to pay on delivery You will receive an email confirmation of order and our designer will send you a online proof for approval. Once approved we will do mass production and deliver. FREE artwork or Logo setup - We wont charge for confirmed orders free artwork assistance OFFLINE If you need a special date for delivery or any other special instructions please call us +97155-4326712 or email cs1@mustangllc.ae
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      Glow sticks dubai


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