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      Direct to garment printing

      The Best Direct to Garment printing in UAE.

      Mustang Trading LLC - MTC Dubai is the first and only company in Middle-east for 2018 to invest and operate the latest 2018 garment printer from Brother GTX T-shirt printing USA to offer high quality printing on demand services. Many freelancers and Advertising agency's use our printing services as its cost effective , high quality printing with quick turnaround and also supports printing on dark fabrics.

      Are you looking for the best t-shirt printer in dubai- UAE? - YES ! We dare to beat any competition with our new t-shirt printing machines.

      What is direct-to-garment printing?
      Direct to garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on any textiles using special ink and garment printing technology.
      The direct to garment printers hold the garment in a fixed position, and we use specialty inks that are applied to the textile directly by the print head , the ink 
      is absorbed by the garment's fibers; these features prevent the distortion seen with some other textile printing techniques.

      Above are Real photos of the DTG machines installed in our Tshirt printing dubai warehouse. - Visit us